The New York Society of Model Engineers welcomes the interest of prospective members in the Society. We invite anyone who has an interest in model railroading and railroad history to join our organization.


Path to Full Membership

There are different types of membership levels at the Society depending on your involvement and age. Select the membership that best suits your commitment. All who apply to be a Full, Associate or Junior member follow the same path to Full membership the first year.

Full Membership

Full membership in the Society is open to all who are 18 of age or over and who have an interest in modeling, railroading and will be actively participating in the events of the Society.


Junior Membership

Junior membership may be granted to those persons who are over 14 years of age
but under 18 years of age. Those persons seeking junior membership must secure
written parental or guardian consent with submission of an application.
Persons aged 14 or 15 must have a parent or guardian present when at the Society
building or events.


Associate Membership

Associate membership may be granted to those who have a nominal interest in the Society and the history of railroading and who are unable to attend or contribute as a Full member.


Corporate Membership

Corporate membership may be granted to corporations, societies, clubs etc. desiring an affiliation with the Society. Please contact NYSME for additional information

Contact NYSME


Full members: Are permitted full use of Society’s property at their convenience and use of equipment, after having been qualified.

Prospective Members: Limited to using hand tools. Applicants are permitted to use the Society’s property and equipment under the supervision of a duly qualified Full Member

Junior member: Even though qualified by the Society through examinations to operate the Society’s property and equipment, may do so only under the supervision of a duly qualified Full member who must be present while the aforementioned qualified

Junior member is operating the Society’s property and equipment. This provision may be waived in individual cases by special action of the BOD.

All members while on the Society’s premises shall obey with due care and diligence the rules and regulations established by the House Committee and shall ensure that visitors do likewise.

All members of the Society who conduct themselves in a manner not in accordance with good taste or manners, shall be required to appear before the BOD to answer charges accordingly.


Full members of the organization are responsible for paying their monthly dues and fees. Currently dues and fees for full members are set at $200 a year. Members who are current in payment of dues and fees are allowed access to all the facilities the Society has to offer.

If you would like to pay your dues online, please follow this link to make a payment via PayPal


Anyone who is interested in membership in the organization should contact the Society through the following methods:



New York Society of Model Engineers, Inc
341 Hoboken Road Carlstadt, NJ 07072



(201) 939-9212



If you are interested in speaking to someone in person about membership, talk to one of our members during our exhibitions and they will direct you to our membership chairman. You can also visit us on our meeting nights, every Wednesday night at 7:00 pm.