The NYSME collection of Railroad Tail Signs (a.k.a Drumheads) is the work of a single member Mr. George Brachmann. George was President of the society from March 1951 through June 1952. During his short time as president, George singlehandedly negotiated the donations of the Tail Signs from various railroads that served the New York City metro area and the country.

Unfortunately, Mr. Brachmann passed away before he could see them proudly displayed in their current home. His dedication to save these beautiful artifacts from the golden age of railroads has been enjoyed by countless people over the decades and continues to be a source of pride for our members.

We hope you can make it to one of our public shows to see one of the largest collections of Drumheads in the country! Also, feel free to email the society with any questions about our collection at: contact@modelengineers.org

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