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CompanyItem #GaugeTypeYear producedComments
Dorfan410 ROW Bridge1925-1930three sections
Dorfan490 Passenger Pullman Boston1925-1930Hand painted passengers, Truck type 1, Vestibule type 1
Dorfan490 Passenger Pullman Seattle1925-1930Hand painted passengers, Truck type 1, Vestibule type 1
Dorfan600 Gondola1926-1930Type II Trucks
Dorfan600 Gondola1926-1930Type III Trucks
Dorfan602 Boxcar1926-1930Type II Trucks
Dorfan604 Tank Car1926-1930Type III Trucks
Dorfan605 Coal Hopper1926-1930Type II Trucks
Dorfan800 Gondola1928-1930 
Dorfan801 Boxcar1928-1930 
Dorfan802 Boxcar1926-1930Type III Trucks
Dorfan805 Hopper1928-1930 
Dorfan806 Caboose1928-1930 
Dorfan3920 Engine1929-1930Loco-Builder equipped with ball bearings
Dorfan5402 Passenger 1925-1930Jefferson, Type 1 vestibule Catalog as #470
Dorfan5402 Passenger Car1925-1930Hamilton, Type 1 vestibule, catalog #470
Dorfan492-G Passenger Baggage Car1925-1930 
Dorfan606B Caboose1926-1930 
Dorfan  Derrick Car1929-1930Type Ivb Trucks
Ives133 Building Station1909-1917Sold by Lionel as #121 (Reproduction ?) 
Lionel18 Passenger Pullman Car1906-1925#10 series type V trucks, hook and ear couplers
Lionel19 Passenger Parlor Car1906-1925#10 series type V trucks, hookwith ears couplers
Lionel20 90 degree crossing1927-1932fiber center, solid metal base
Lionel25 ROW Track Bumper1928-1942Diecast with light on top
Lionel33 Locomotive Electric 1913-1923New York Central, 0-4-0 Electric loco, hand reverse
Lionel42 Electric Locomotive 0-4-4-01921-1923New York Central with side rods
Lionel45 ROW crossing 1935-1942  Automatic with gateman
Lionel47 ROW Crossing Gate1939-1942 
Lionel57 ROW Broadway Lamp Post1922-1942 
Lionel59 Lamp post1920-1936 
Lionel61 ROW Lamp Post1914-1932 Large Gooseneck
Lionel77 ROW Crossing Gate No light1923-1929 
Lionel77 ROW Crossing Gate w/light1930-1939 
Lionel96 Building Coal Elevator1938-1940 
Lionel101 ROW Bridge three sections1920-1931#104 Center Span & two #100 Approaches
Lionel106 ROW Bridge “O” Gauge1920-1931Bridge with two approach sections
Lionel124 Building Station1920-1930Lionel City Station, Two corner lights
Lionel126 Building Station1923-1936“Lionelville”
Lionel127 Building Station1923-1936Lioneltown Station, One interior light
Lionel151 ROW Automatic Semaphore1947-1969 
Lionel153 ROW Block Signal1940-1942 
Lionel154 Electric Locomotive 0-4-01917-1921 
Lionel154 ROW  Highway Crossing Signal1940-1942 
Lionel156 Building Station Platform 1939-1942 
Lionel161 Station Baggage Truck1930-1932 
Lionel180 Passenger Pullman Car1911-1921 
Lionel181 Passenger Combine 1911-1921 
Lionel182 Passenger Observation Car1911-1921Third Series
Lionel190 Passenger Observation Car1918-1925#10 series – Type V trucks, hook with ears couplers
Lionel200 ROW Turntable1928-1936Standard Gauge
Lionel203 Locomotive Switcher1940-1941 
Lionel211 Flat Car1934-1940 
Lionel218 Work Dump Car1926-1938Two operating wheels
Lionel219 Work Derrick1926Unique – Nickel Journals
Lionel252 Electric Locomotive 0-4-01926-1932 
Lionel254 Electric Locomotive 0-4-01924-32Type III Box 
Lionel280 ROW  Bridge1931-1942 
Lionel313 Bascule Bridge1940-1942Box and packing
Lionel318 Electric Locomotive 0-4-01924-1932state brown 
Lionel332 Passenger Bagage – Mail 1926-1933Railway Mail Car
Lionel332 Passenger Baggage Milk Car1926-1933 
Lionel338 Passenger Observation Car1925-1932 
Lionel339 Passenger Pullman1925-1933 
Lionel339 Passenger Pullman Car1925-1933 
Lionel341 Passenger Observation Car1925-1933 
Lionel397 Building, Coal dock loader1948-1957 
Lionel511 Flat Car with block lumber1927-1940early model
Lionel513 Cattle Car 1927-1938Brass Trim, early car in series
Lionel514 Box car1929-1940Brass trim – early car in series
Lionel517 Caboose1927-1940Brass trim, early car in series
Lionel520 Work Car with Floodlights1931-1940 
Lionel604 Passenger Observation Car1931-1936 
Lionel610 Passenger Pullman1915-1925New York Central Lines
Lionel612 Passenger Observation Car1915-1925New York Central
Lionel657 Caboose1934-1942 
Lionel659 Dump Car1935-1942 
Lionel803 Hopper1929-1934 
Lionel804 Tank Car 1923-1928 
Lionel805 Box Car1927-1934 
Lionel806 Stock Car1927-1934 
Lionel807 Caboose1927-1934 
Lionel809 Work Dump Car1931-1941 
Lionel810 Work Derrick1930-1942 
Lionel811 Flat Car1926-1940Load Single block of lumber with Box
Lionel812 Gondola1926-1942 
Lionel812 Gondola1926-1942With Box
Lionel813 Cattle Car1926-1942 
Lionel814 Box car1926-1942 
Lionel815 Tank Car1938-1942 
Lionel816 Hopper Car1927-1942 
Lionel817 Caboose1926-1942Type 1 box dates car to 1926-1934
Lionel817 Caboose1926-1934 
Lionel820 ROW Floodlight1935-1942With Box
Lionel820 ROW Floodlight1926-1934With Box
Lionel831 Flatcar1927-1934 
Lionel1045 ROW Flagman1938-1942 
Lionel1666 Steal Locomotive 2-6-21938-1942 
Lionel1682 Caboose1933-1942 
Lionel2679 Box Car1938-42 
Lionel2680 Oil Tank Car1938-1942 
Lionel2680 Tank Car1938-1940 
Lionel2682 Caboose1938-1942 
Lionel3651 Lumber Car, Operating 1939-1942 
Lionel3659 Operating Dump Car1939-1942 
Lionel10E Electric Locomotive 0-4-01926-1930 
Lionel1835W Engine Tender1935-1939Whistle 
Lionel20X ROW 45 degree crossing1928-1932 
Lionel2203B  Locomotive Tender1940-1942 
Lionel222L ROW Switch, Left hand 1926-1932Electric switch with light
Lionel261E Locomotive1935 
Lionel261T Engine Tender1935 
Lionel264E Steam Locomotive 2-4-21935-1936“Commodore Vanerbilt”
Lionel265T Engine Tender 1935-1936 
Lionel2689W Engine Tender for 16661938-1942Operating whistle
Lionel440C ROW  Control Unit1932-1935Control Panel for #440 Signal Bridge
Lionel440N  ROW Signal Bridge1936-1942 
Lionel814R Refrigerator Car1926-1942 
Lionel8E Electric Locomotive 0-4-01925-1932 
Lionel99N Train Controller1932-1942 
Lionel  ROW Rotary Beacon1943-1953 
Lionel 801 Caboose1915-1926 
Marx9266 Pasenger Set1930sUnion Pacific Streamline Set
WilescoD405 Steam Engine Tractorunk Made in West Germany