Prospective Member

Dear Prospective Member,

The Membership Committee of the New York Society of Model Engineers (NYSME) wants to welcome you to our society! The history of the society dates to 1926 and is considered the oldest model railroad society in the United States. NYSME is proud of its history and as a leader in the model railroad hobby. You, the Prospective Member are embarking on a journey which we hope will be fulfilling, lifelong and satisfying for you and for the society.

As with all new endeavours’ it will take some time to acclimate. To help Prospective members, a sponsor from among the membership will be assigned by the Membership Chairman. The sponsor will introduce you to the other members and provide guidance on the ongoing activities of the society. Along with your sponsor below are some of the items Prospective members need to be aware of.

As a Prospective member:
1. Be respectful to all members
2. Be responsible when using the society’s tools and models.
3. If you use other members’ equipment and have an accident, be honest of the incident and bring it to the attention of the member or the BoD if you are not sure what to do.
4. Be responsible for the cleanliness, upkeep, and general appearance of the building. Be proactive, sweeping the floor, taking the garbage out, rest room clean-up etc. Though these are not glamorous tasks they are needed.
5. Do not speak or represent the society nor trade on its reputation unless requested to by a BOD member.
6. Do not operate the society’s tools, machinery, or any equipment unless you been trained by the Shop Supervisor. This is a safety issue!
7. Do not remove any property from the society premises unless authorised by the BOD.
8. Meet your financial obligations to support the society. Arrangements can be made in paying your membership dues.
9. Clean up after yourself and put food, empty cans, bottles in appropriate trash cans. When using tools, pick up all waste materials and dispose of it appropriately. DO NOT leave trash on the layouts.
10. Understand the structure and rules of the society, the constitution, bylaws, and house rules. These documents will answer many of your questions.
11. Be involved! The society has many needs, ask your supervisor or a BOD member to be part of a project.

We hope this information was informative for you in understanding the society. Should you have any questions just ask.

Application Process

1. Prospective members apply for membership by filling out the required membership application form from the selection below or in person at NYSME by contacting the Membership Chairperson.
2. After the application form has been received the Membership Chairperson will arrange for a meeting to review and provide all necessary information to the prospective member.
3. Upon submitting an application to the Membership Chairperson the Prospective member is now in a year long “Probation Period.” This period of time is used to introduce the Prospective member to the Full members and the society and for the prospective member to get acquainted with NYSME.
4. Prospective members are to pay the initiation fee within 30 days from submitting an application form which will be credited to the full membership dues. Please note this is a non refundable fee.
5. After 2 months the Prospective member if they are still interested in membership will be moved to a Probationary member status after approval by the BoD.
6. During the next 10 months the Probationary member is encouraged to jump in and get involved! NYSME is built on the members without their participation the Society does not thrive.
7. After 12 months the Probationary member is brought to the BoD for final approval. Once the Probationary member is approved they will be informed and are now a Full member NYSME with all privileges granted to them.

Associate Membership

1 Year

$ 10.00

Full Membership

1 Year

$ 200.00

Junior Membership

1 Year

$ 75.00


    I do hereby apply for membership in the NEW YORK SOCIETY OF MODEL ENGINEERS, INC (a.k.a. NYSME). It is my understanding that the objective and purpose of the Society is to further model making in all its phases and to promote good fellowship among model makers. I submit the information and qualifications listed herein in good faith to substantiate this application.


    I agree, that should this application be accepted, to further the aims of the Society and its activities to the best of my ability and to abide by the RULES and REGULATIONS of the SOCIETY.


    Full members of the Society are allowed to use all the facilities of the organization. We have an extensive railroad library of video tapes, books, and magazines. Full members are also allowed free access to the Society’s machine shops and tools. In addition, full members are allowed access to both O and HO scale layouts following the completion of training in operating the layouts


    Full members of the organization are responsible for paying their monthly dues and fees. Currently dues and fees for full members are set at $200 a year. Members who are current in payment of dues and fees are allowed access to all the facilities the Society has to offer.


    New York Society of Model Engineers, Inc
    341 Hoboken Road Carlstadt, NJ 07072


    (201) 939-9212