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DCC AND SOUND EQUIPPED MODEL The horsepower race was in full swing by the late 1960s when GE introduced the 3,300hp, four-axle U33B locomotive. 137 units were produced between September […]


These two Atlas O 40′ Woodside Reefers both feature the Union Beer Distributors of Los Angeles California graphic. However, each road number has a different Santa Fe herald; one car exhibits the Santa Fe “cross” while the other car features AT & SF spelled out in words. This is the last offering in celebration of TCA’s 2021 convention in Burbank, CA. NOTE: This set includes one of each road number.


You will command the rails with our striking Rail Chief set. Complete with miniature people and a signal bridge, this 130-piece set will let you oversee your own detailed railroading empire. This ready-to-run […]


Lionel’s scale Milk Reefer returns in traditional Army drab colors. Featuring the Transportation Corps insignia plus the red cross to signify the medical supplies carried within. Only the minimum possible quantity of these cars have been produced.